7 Days To Perfect Heel Walking

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Welcome to our easy to follow, 7-day programme to help you build the foundations of heel walking, intensifying throughout the week to reach the desired outcome of a dog who walks calmly beside you whenever asked. Perhaps you have a dog who is pulling you along during a walk, maybe your puppy is distracted by every sight, scent or sound 

Breed Suitability: All

Age Suitability: All

Equipment Needed: Slip lead

This course is ideal for all levels of dog owner and will guide you step-by-step through the 7 days of the programme, at each step detailing how and WHY you should be working with your dog. 


  • Mental Stimulation: A walk is no longer confined to simply physical exercise, and becomes mental stimulation too. 
  • Relationship Building: Your dog will learn to look to you for guidance and direction during your walks, improving your leadership and building your relationship. 
  • Stress-free Walking: Once your heel walking is perfected, walking becomes a pleasure. You no longer need to worry about approaching other people or dogs or about your dog being distracted by every passing car or buzzing insect.
  • Less Reactivity: Whether it’s through fear, aggression or prey drive, walking your dog to heel means they display less reactive behaviours as they follow your leadership and direction.
  • Pack Migration: Walking to heel taps into your dog’s natural instincts to walk as part of a pack.

Thanks for checking out our course. We really believe it is the absolute best way to become a calm, consistent leader who can raise your perfect canine companion. Whether you’re brand new to heel walking or looking to correct pulling behaviours, be sure to enrol today and get started now!

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7 Days To Perfect Heel Walking
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