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Welcome to our easy to follow, step by step course that leads you through the raising of your perfect canine companion. Whether you’ve rescued an older dog or simply looking to train your older companion, this course will enable you to fix unwanted behaviours and build leadership and relationship between you and your dog. 

Breed Suitability: All

Age Suitability: Over 6 Months

Equipment Needed: No specifics required but we recommend utilising a crate, long-line slip lead or paracord and mental stimulation toys as part of the programme.

This course is ideal for all dog owners and will guide you every step of the way to training your dog. We understand that with an older dog there may be a number of undesirable behaviours present that you want to get on top of quickly, however the programme will also encourage the foundations of a lasting relationship with your dog.

Our online, video based course demonstrates both how you train and WHY you’re training your dog, covering:

  • Setting boundaries and expectations: How to establish the desired behaviours for your home, family and lifestyle - and then implementing them!
  • Overviews of socialisation, manners, obedience and exercise: An introductory overview to each factor that makes up successful dog training to make sure you’re fully informed and know all you need to know to get it right as soon as possible.
  • A deep dive into the theory behind our balanced approach, operant conditioning: We want you to not only know what to do but also why we are doing it. Understanding the theory behind the methodology will improve your success rate and make you a higher level canine leader.

Thanks for checking out our course. We really believe it is the absolute best way to become a calm, consistent leader who can raise your perfect canine companion. If you want to correct any undesired behaviours and build your relationship with your dog, be sure to enroll today and get started now!

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Perfect Canine Companion
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