The Fenrir Hammer

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The Fenrir Hammer is the world's ultimate dog toy. Incredibly multi-functional and mentally stimulating, your dog will not be able to get enough of it.

Made from heavy duty, durable rubber, the Fenrir Hammer is designed for the most extreme chewers, whilst still being fun and engaging for dogs less inclined to chew.

The ultimate all-in-one dog toy, the Fenrir Hammer can be used for playing and relationship building in the form of fetch or tug games, providing mental stimulation and keeping your dog entertained by filling with dry food, or freezing pâté and other treats for a challenge that will last for hours. The enrichment it provides your dog can even aid with issues like separation anxiety, crate training and destructive behaviour, providing a distraction for your dog and satisfying their natural instincts. 

The Fenrir Hammer is available in 2 sizes: The Fenrir Hammer and the Mini Hammer. The Mini Hammer is perfect for young puppies and smaller dog breeds as a heavy duty chew toy, but for bigger dogs or extreme chewers you will need The Fenrir Hammer. Please check the size comparison to confirm the best hammer for your dog.

Buy 4 and save! Ensure you are never without a hammer with our bundle discount. You'll always have one ready in the freezer, for your walks and in your dog's crate.

"The Wielder of this Hammer, if Found Worthy, Will Claim the Power of Calm, Consistent, Canine Leadership."

Key Features:

  • HARD WEARING - Made from incredibly durable rubber, The Fenrir Hammer is perfect for chewers of any size and strength
  • MAKE EXERCISE FUN - Build your relationship with your dog by playing fetch or tug with the hammer and enjoy its erratic bounce and throwing capabilities
  • ULTIMATE MENTAL STIMULATION - Designed by world renowned canine behaviourist William Atherton to provide maximum mental stimulation, helping to prevent behavioural problems
  • SLOW DOWN MEAL TIMES - Stop your dog from choking, gulping or suffering from bloat by feeding their dry food from the Fenrir Hammer and make meal times fun
  • RELIEVE SEPARATION ANXIETY - Stuff the hammer with treats, freeze it or just give it to your dog to chew and give your dog hours of fun and entertainment 

Please note, dogs should be supervised whilst using any chew toy. Although this is a heavy duty toy, it is possible for material to come loose over time that could be swallowed and dogs should be supervised to prevent the risk of choking.

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